Monday, September 30, 2013

In Honor of James

It's James' 4th birthday tomorrow!  And in honor of the momentous occasion I found a few gems in the archives.

Most notably I found his 2nd birthday video, which I hope you'll be able to watch.  I'm able to watch it on my computer, but I was told by some that YouTube blocked it because of music I used being copyrighted.  Whoops.  I try to use music from movies the kids have watched a lot each year for their birthday videos, and James was really into Fantastic Mr. Fox from 1-2 years.  My children have always been older than their years in their movie preferences.

Looking back at pictures it is hard to believe this baby is the James I have now.

Sweetest thing.


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  1. Just watched the video with the girls. Precious memories; precious James.