Wednesday, September 25, 2013

Life with Ella

One of Ella's front teeth has been loose for ages.  On Monday it finally got to the point where she could twirl it around from side to side.  It was hanging by a...I don't know what, and it was bound to fall out any moment.  She had a great fear of swallowing it.

I could pull it up pretty high.  Monday night she had pizza for supper, and afterwards we heard a startled cry from the living room.  "Did I swallow my tooth?!?!"  "Is it missing?" KJ asked.  Thankfully, the missing tooth was found on her plate.  She thought she just had a particularly hard piece of crust.  I took the cutest picture of her with missing tooth, but she's refusing to let me post it.  Eventually her toothless smile will have to be seen, though, right?


In other Ella news, we had our first piano lesson in a long while.  For some reason lessons were a hard thing to work into our school rotation, but we had a chance during James' nap yesterday and jumped on it.  I even started a lesson book for her where I wrote down what she should practice each day, so hopefully we will keep it up.

 Oops.  I spy an upside-down missing tooth.


  1. Don't tell her I said so, but those are the cutest little "baby" hands. It may be the last place for the little dimples.

  2. Sweet Ella ~ Beautiful smile, no matter what! Love the photos, as usual. Miss y'all!