Monday, September 9, 2013

A Different Sort of Week

So last week was all about Ella on the blog, and this week she is gone.  She left last night to spend the night with KJ's mom so they could get an early start this morning on their road trip.  They'll be having lunch at the American Girl store today and meeting with a Personal Shopper to buy Kit some accessories.  Then after their fun they'll continue on to South Carolina to spend the week with cousins.  Ella is beyond excited about it all.  I am excited for her, too, but it still made my heart sink to think of her being away for 5 days.  I have this sneaking suspicion that for mothers, separations are never easy, no matter how old your children are or how good the thing is that they are going to do.  

I am, however, excited about being alone with James.  It made me realize that it would be nice to have entire days alone with each of the kids from time to time.  Being able to focus on one child is just so easy and fun.  I remember how much fun it was just having Ella as my little buddy before James was born, and I know it will be a fun week with James.  He's super-cute.

James will get some playtime with friends this week, as well as ride his new bike (early birthday present!), and if I'm smart I'll get an early start on putting together his birthday video.  I've also got pictures to go through.  Sometimes a lot of important occasions come at the same time, and picture-editing gets backed up.  Last weekend I had some newborn pictures, my grandmother's birthday party, and Ella's birthday party, so I have some catching up to do. I also have a bathroom that needs painting, so we'll see which projects get moved to the front burner of my extra time this week. 

I'm sure we'll find plenty to occupy our time while we wait for this precious girl to come home.

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