Monday, September 23, 2013

"A Long-Expected Party"

Friday night some of our students threw a Hobbit party in honor of Bilbo and Frodo Baggins' birthday.  Most of the time the kids and I don't make it out to gatherings like this, but they started early (Hobbits are always ready to eat.), and the kids were really excited to go.

When KJ was in seminary we heard Dr. Mohler say once that congregations take on the personalities and quirks of their pastors to a certain extent.  That may have happened a little bit here.

We threw together "hobbit" costumes on short notice.  We have no shortage of Tolkien accessories around here.  The kids each sported a ring of power, and we brought the banner from James' room for the festivities.

 Katie looked so pretty.

Brandon did a great job pulling his costume together.

Even Daisy got in on the festivities, though she was a reluctant participant.

Dance like a hobbit.
The girls made hairy hobbit-feet cookies.
We told the kids they could watch the "happy" part of the movie, i.e. the beginning, and Katie tried to hold the blanket up over their eyes during the "scary" parts.  Ella was happy to hide behind the blanket, but James just stood up and stood on his tip-toes to see.  We left pretty early on in the movie for little hobbits to go to bed, so we avoided all of the battle scenes.

They were pretty taken with the Shire and over the weekend watched all of the non-scary parts of The Fellowship of the Ring with KJ per their request.
We're really thankful for all these guys and gals.

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