Friday, August 30, 2013

Franco Fridays: From Lounging to the Polyglot

After leaving Notre Dame Tuesday afternoon Parker arranged for us to see a beautiful landmark and simultaneously have a place to rest our feet.  But first we met up at the Fontaine Saint-Michel, or I guess, St. Michael's Fountain for we Americans.  It depicts the Archangel Michael battling the devil.

It was fun walking down this road since one of the questions on my learning French CD was to ask, "Where is Boulevard Saint-Michel?"  As we continued on to our destination we passed this place that KJ and I obviously deemed worthy of a picture, but now we can't remember what it is.  An old palace?

Luxembourg Garden was beautiful, but I'm afraid instead of walking around and seeing all of its beauties, most of us joined the French students in the spot of grass designated for sitting and enjoyed a rest.  It was so peaceful.

 Those flowers made me feel happy when
I came across this picture.

 This is how they do it.

After sitting for a little bit I decided the occasion called for ice cream.  While I went to fetch some KJ snapped lots of pictures of our group lounging and napping.
We stopped in at McDonald's for a quick bite to eat before our first Polyglot.  I had forgotten how superior European McDonald's are.  Why can't we have these chicken wraps in America?  I was expecting the snack size...and I would also lobby for La Petite Salade, which is not that petite and uses way better lettuce than American McDonald's do.  If I seem to be too focused on how the food at American McDonald's could be better, it's because with my husband and children, I've been forced to eat there a lot.  A lot more than I ever did in my previous life before husband and children.

I feel like I should say that's KJ's sundae and not mine.  

Neither KJ nor I have any pictures from Polyglot that night.  We really were too busy talking and engaging with people from the moment we got there.  It was amazing to see the opportunities God opened up to talk about Him and the gospel.  We were able to share with people from France, China, Tunisia, and many other places.  It was a really blessed night.

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