Thursday, August 8, 2013

Caleb's 1st Birthday

One year and 5 days ago (I think. It could have been 4 days.) KJ was in Cuba, and I had gone with the kids home to my parents' house for a visit.  Ella and James were already in bed, so it was definitely after 8 p.m.  Mom and I were chatting on the couch in the den when her phone rang.  It was my brother, Josh, who was in the middle of a job transfer and move across the state, and he and his wife just got a call that in 5 days, they would be parents.  My mind went into overdrive, so I'm pretty sure their's did, too.  Times a million.  

And just like that, with trying to sell a house in one city, living in a furnished apartment in another, with Nicole scheduled to report to her new job that week, they became parents.  We're so thankful for Caleb and the girl who chose life for him and Josh and Nicole to be his parents, so thankful to the Lord who orchestrated it all.

He was such a beautiful baby from the very start.  I adore his newborn pictures.

But to the matter at hand, Caleb is ONE today!  And we celebrate you from afar, sweet boy! 

Nicole wanted to have some pictures in a baseball outfit since that was one of the outfits he wore for his newborn pictures, and baseball is a big thing in the Murphy family.

What a precious boy he is.  I know this is birthday picture overload, but you only turn 1 once. Caleb is sweet and happy (with the occasional one-year assertiveness of opinion, of course), and on-the go.  He likes Mickey Mouse Clubhouse, loves the hot dog song and dance, and his daddy's guitar-playing.

 Then came the fun...

And after it was all over, a much-needed bath.

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