Monday, August 12, 2013

Beach Pictures

I wanted to go through pictures from our Thursday at the beach, and it turned into a chance to use all those digital scrapbooking supplies I download.  So there's lots of word art ahead.
Just sharing life solutions at the bar over apple juice and water

In truth, those are two silly kids when they get together.  They both enjoy making up words and making the other laugh, and when they stand side-by-side they're the same height and look like little twins.

  Karis having her morning oatmeal
and KJ introducing John David to a new game
The men took charge of the big kids at the beach, while Katie, T, and Karis went shopping for a forgotten bathing suit, and guess who got to lay out by the pool alone and read.  It was very nice until I had to answer questions about what I was reading since my leather-bound book was drawing attention at the pool. I got a couple of classics for Christmas that I just got around to enjoying, but let me tell you I felt strange responding, "Dracula."  What kind of strange woman is she?

Our little family drove across to the beach before everyone else to take some test shots before our family picture.

After the drama that is trying to take a picture of 11 people, 5 of whom are young children, the kids got to run free.  Being on the beach at night with the kids is always the most pleasant and fun time after the heat of the day.


  1. These pictures are wonderful, Lynn! Thank you for being the vacation photographer; I am SO THANKFUL for our time together!

    1. Thanks, Katie! And I'm so thankful, too. :)