Friday, August 16, 2013

Franco Fridays: Gospel Distribution and the Belleville Market

Tuesday morning of our trip we made our way into the city to pass out Gospels and other literature.  We saw a few movie signs along the way that just seemed better in French.  Le Hobbit!  It's epique!
We split into two groups and took turns distributing and prayer-walking through an absolutely huge market filled with people from North Africa, Pakistan, and Bangladesh.

These are pictures from some of our group's interactions distributing, with a bonus picture in the top left corner of a pigeon taking a bath in the flowing water of the curb.  I just thought he was really funny, sitting right in the flow with his feathers all puffed out, enjoying himself.

I was really glad that my first trip to Paris was on a mission trip.  There were parts of the city I would never have seen or known existed if I'd come just as a tourist, and I wouldn't have spent nearly as much time there walking her streets apart from being there on a mission trip.  

I think Parker wanted us to walk through the market and see and feel the need for Christ in his city.  We heard the calls of workers in the competing stands, felt the pushing and shoving of people fighting for their place, tasted the sweetness of fruit samples given to entice us into buying.

Please pray for the many different nations living in Belleville and for those working to shine the light of the gospel there in this community.

My prayer as we distributed gospels was that God's Word would not return to Him void, that the gospel would take root in people's hearts.

I'm not sure why we were so segregated at this point, but all of us girls were sitting opposite on a bench.  That's a good group of men, though.

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