Tuesday, August 6, 2013

Happy birthday, Big Daddy!

We've got several family birthdays this week, all of which got celebrated a little bit early to take advantage of family being in town, but we were happy to get to celebrate with Big Daddy twice.

I hope he doesn't mind that I just announced his age to the world via his cake candles. I usually save the candles from the kids' cakes, so Ella's 5th and 6th birthdays worked out perfectly.

Incidentally, if anyone needs a good buttercream frosting recipe, I used this recipe for James' and Ella's cakes last year, and it is so good.  I used dark chocolate cocoa for this batch since KJ's dad is a dark chocolate fan.

Big Daddy shared his celebration with Haddon, whose first birthday is coming up in just four days.  We had a good night together, celebrating the birthday boys.  Don't be sad, there will be lots of pictures of Haddon to come.

Big Daddy told us he wanted a surprise party at Cici's for his birthday, so we were happy to oblige him today.  I'm not sure how much of a surprise it was, but we are thankful for KJ's dad and getting to celebrate with the best "pizza value," as KJ says.

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