Saturday, August 10, 2013

Haddon is 1!

Last year when KJ left for Cuba he only had one nephew, but when he came back, there were THREE!  It was a very exciting week for our family, as we welcomed Caleb AND baby Haddon.

Haddon's mama posted pictures from each month of his life.  What a cutie.  We celebrated 10 days early with the Had-man, and it was a lot of fun.

 Balloon Party!!!

As you can see, it was a lot of fun.  Haddon loved the balloons.

one of my favorite Haddon faces

Haddon conquered the balloons and then had sweet smiles for his mommy.

It's picture overload again, I know, but we're almost to his cake.  We were all convinced Haddon would love digging into the cake since he's a very enthusiastic eater.  He went for the Cheerios on top but freaked out a little bit at his cold frosting.  But you'd never know that if I only showed you certain pictures. :)

 I love this one. 
He's so sweet.

 "Um, can you get this stuff off my hands, Ma?"

Haddon had a little help enjoying his treat and liked his yogurt and Cool Whip frosting after a while, but he wasn't happy about his dad's attempt to enjoy going a little deeper in his cake.  Also, you may notice Haddon's bruise in the following pictures.  I concealed it for his "portraits," but let it shine at the end for posterity's sake.

Haddon left for his bath, and the clean-up crew moved in.  

Happy birthday, Haddon!  We love you!

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