Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Day 2

I am feeling like it will be hard for my blogging and picture-posting to keep up with our adventures.  We are having far too many of them write down every detail.  I do, however, want to give brief updates when possible.  So, the following is a brief account of our day.  :)

We rented, excuse me, hired a car today, 
and KJ began the adventure of doing everything backwards.

As he always does everything, KJ did very well with driving on the left and shifting gears with his left hand.  There were one or two times I had to call out, "Left!  Remember it's left!"  I could just tell when he was going to turn into the right lane.  I could tell because it's what I would have done.  That part of it still feels very strange, but I am growing very used to the rotaries, or round-abouts.  They were scary at first, but we have both grown more confident about using them.

We drove to Brighton where we toured the Royal Pavilion, the pleasure palace of King George IV.  It's a very interesting/opulent place, so of course you're not allowed to take pictures inside.  It seems that is the case with the most beautiful places we've been to thus far.  Don't tell, but we have managed a few pictures here and there on the sly.

We then went down to the Brighton Pier where we enjoyed 
fish and chips and the salty sea breezes.

I will have to post pictures of the pebbly beach later.
The only one I have time for now is KJ's mishap by the water.

"I wanted to touch the water of the English Channel 
and got more than I bargained for."
- KJ Pugh -

I only barely caught him on camera as he sent rocks flying as he scurried for higher ground.
A huge wave came in and got his shoes wet.  
It's making me laugh even now just thinking about it.

Our next stop was Arundel Castle, and it was MAGNIFICENT.  It was so overwhelmingly beautiful.  As we left, I told KJ I didn't think I could go back to normal life after this.

I can't wait to go through all the pictures.  We actually went up in one of the high towers and could see all the way to the sea.  It was beautiful.  There will be more pictures tomorrow.  I hope you enjoyed the castle, Ella!  It was so good to see your face.  Love you.  :)


  1. Mom again...I am grinning so hard as a read and comment. It is so wondrous that you are there, and I am here with the kids from down the street. I know it must be hard to blog and post but we are doing this through you and loving every moment. Skyping was too too fun!!

  2. I love KJ's quote about the Channel--I laughed for a good while about that one! :-) Also, you are so right that you can't go back to normal life after that. As my sister (who also loves England) and I say, "It makes my heart hurt" whenever I think about that beautiful place and wish I were there. I'm so glad you're posting so I can go along on your journey with you!

  3. I love you, Mom! Thank you for hanging out with the neighborhood kids while we have this wondrous adventure. I'm glad you are all going on the adventure with us; it is so fun. And it was so good to see all your faces last night. I think we all might be moving here some day, Kelly. :)

  4. You guys look great, and I love all of the amazing pictures. I also enjoyed K.J.'s quote, as well as hearing of his great driving skills. Have a fantastic day!!