Saturday, February 19, 2011

Little Boys

Last night after dinner KJ discovered James in the living room with what seemed to be blood all over his hands.  I was a little skeptical at first.  "Are you sure it's not ketchup?" I asked.  Ella had ketchup on her plate, and I wouldn't have put it past James to have taken his fingers for a dip.  But, no, it truly was blood.  

Our first task was to hold his hands still in order to wipe the blood off and find its source.  This was a two-person task.  We were also trying to figure out how and where he might have cut himself.  There was blood all over the the child-sized rocking chair and blood all over the air/heating vent.  We finally found that his thumb was cut on the inside at the joint and was producing quite a lot of blood.  We struggled to hold James still while KJ made a makeshift bandage.  I got blood all over my shirt, but James was surprisingly good about not taking the bandage off once KJ taped it on his thumb.  

KJ was really disappointed that I hadn't documented the whole thing with pictures, but as was stated before, keeping James still and from wiping blood all over the carpet, etc. was a two-person job.  We tried for some pictures of his bandage afterwards.  For some reason, James kept making this face at me each time I pointed the camera at him last night:

But then he cooperated.

We believe that he cut his thumb on the air vent on the wall.  He was making quite a lot of racket banging his hands on it earlier in the evening.  I really should start keeping track of how often James bleeds.  It might become a lengthy list.

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  1. Perfect introduction picture. We're awfully good at hurting ourselves, no matter how old we get. The difference is we eventually figure out how to put the band-aids on ourselves.