Friday, June 10, 2011

Kizziah Family Visit

Last night kicked off a week-long visit with cousins.  After six months apart, I think Ella and John David were very excited to see each other again.  I noticed little ways they have both grown-up and matured in the past six months.  There were no moments of pouting from Ella. John David was more talkative and affectionate towards her.  It's fun watching sweet children grow up.  We can't wait to celebrate John David's birthday tomorrow with a Superman party at our favorite fountain.  He's very into superheros of all kinds right now.  Playing with his new light sabers ruled the evening yesterday.

This is a strange mixture of The Secret Garden meets Star Wars.

John David is saying to David, 
"You killed my father!"

To which David of course replied, 

(all together now...)

"I am your father."


Well, I think they stopped before that part.
It's fun having an actor for a father.

And she's just cute.

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  1. Sweet time with very sweet people. I wish there were more Kizziah/Pugh people to marry LOL.:)