Sunday, June 5, 2011

Birthday Party #1

Ella's Manicure

The Birthday Girl

The birthday girl just turned six-years-old.  Her mommy and I lived in the same dorm room for 2 1/2 years.  Her daddy and I did nursing home ministry together our freshmen year of college and served on our school's freshman orientation committee, attending countless meetings and retreats.  I am so excited about them living in the same city with us now.  Since our college graduation, Justin and Chandra have had adventures as dorm-parents at our alma mater, adventures in seminary, and adventures serving in India with the IMB.  Now they're serving at a church in town that our church has partnered with to plant churches.  How fun.  They have three fun and precious girls.  I really love Justin and Chandra, and I really love those girls.

Girl #2 and Ella

Girl #3


  1. O I want to see ALL the pictures please....I suppose I will on Chandra's blog?

  2. I'll put some more up, Falyn, but I'm sure Chandra will put them up somewhere. We just needed your girl to be there for it to be complete.

  3. **Sigh** She and I would have LOVED the company and to be able to play with all of your girls! I am sure you all had a delightful time!