Wednesday, April 6, 2011


Yesterday was so beautiful and cool outside after the rain so the kids and I went out to a little playground.  Truthfully, I called KJ as we were driving out of our neighborhood, and when he asked where we were going I replied, "I really don't know."  I just knew we were going out, but I wasn't necessarily sure of our destination.  You stay-at-home mom's know how that is.  Sometimes you just need to leave the house.  Location isn't always important.

Thankfully, James was really content to stay in the swing.
I let him out once, but he ran right back to it.
It was nice to keep him contained because the ground was a bit muddy,
and I'm sure the mud puddles would have whispered his name.

Ella had the hardest time with this dandelion.
It refused to be blown.

It was fairly windy and perfect spinning weather.

It was a very nice afternoon indeed.


  1. Hello Friend! Beautiful pics. Random question... do you still have our pool key? :)

  2. Why yes, sweet Molly, I do. :)