Friday, April 22, 2011

Resurrection Eggs

Several years ago KJ's mom gave us a couple of tools from Family Life to use with our children at Christmas and Easter.  We've used the nativity set several times, but last year when Ella would have been old enough to understand, I forgot all about the Resurrection Eggs.  I was determined to remember to take them down out of the closet this year, and yesterday afternoon I succeeded.  I had not really taken a good look at them until yesterday, and when I did, I was so excited.  I knew that Ella would really enjoy them, and they are such a great tool to help children remember all the events of Passion Week.

Each egg contains an item that tells part of the story.
I taped the stickers on top of them yesterday because 
I wasn't sure how well they would stay by themselves.

Ella had been waiting all day to open the eggs.
I made her wait until family time so that it would be a surprise.
We decided to open four eggs each night in the remaining three nights before Easter.

Don't you love Ella's quizzical expression?
She's listening to KJ's explanation of the donkey;
she originally thought it was a camel. (?)

So we talked about how Jesus rode into town on a donkey,
and the crowds shouted, "Hosanna!"

Ella refers to this day as "Palm Day," and corrects us when we say, "Palm Sunday."

Pieces of Silver

We talked next about Judas' betrayal with a kiss.

The Passover Cup

We were proud of Ella for knowing what this represented:
"The Lord's Supper!" she said.

Thank you to her teachers at church.  She's listening and remembering.

The next egg we opened contained praying hands, representing
Christ's time in the Garden of Gethsemane. 

I'm looking forward to the next four eggs we open tonight.
It's good taking the story bit by bit.


  1. Thanks, T! Though I wish that our set was still in tact. What a great idea to go through them a few at a time. We love you Pughs!! May I link this on our blog for celebration ideas?

  2. That's awesome! Have you seen this recipe for resurrection cookies?

  3. Yes, you may, Katie! And yes, I think you showed me that one last year, Molly. I was thinking about trying it; we'll see what we have time for. I went Easter dress shopping today and thought of you. Love you, ladies!