Thursday, April 14, 2011

Home Again

The traveling girls arrived home late last night a little ahead of schedule.  We had planned on returning today, but after six hours in the sun yesterday we didn't think it wise to venture out anymore.  We had such a lovely time together.  Ella splashed and played in the waves, made new friends at the pool, jumped into the pool all by herself (with floaties on), looked for seashells, played in the sand, and just had the loveliest time.  I'm sure I'll be posting pictures periodically for the next several days in the midst of unpacking, housework, and parenting. It would be pretty overwhelming if I posted all 400 at once. 

I just love all the expressions of pure delight on Ella's face
I was able to capture.  It was so fun watching her frolic in the waves.

I am also really loving black and white beach shots.
I think the sun makes it look mind is failing on the right word.
But I love the effect.

I also think this is beautiful.
I call it, "Summer."  :)

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  1. these are beautiful! so glad you are home, but so thankful for the delightful time.