Thursday, April 28, 2011

The Day After the Storm

This video shows the widespread damage wrought by the massive tornado that swept through our city yesterday. At about the 3-minute mark is a place the kids and I frequented, a shopping center that contained Big Lots, Hobby Lobby, and Chuckie Cheese. The footage is so unbelievable. Please pray for the people who have lost everything. We have been left untouched by the storm and are looking forward to being able to help those in need. Right now we're just trying to stay out of the way of clean-up crews. It is a helpless feeling to have to go about your daily life knowing that the normal, daily lives of so many people have been ripped out from under them. I've had to continue here, bandaging scraped knees and fixing sippy cups of juice for now. I think the most practical way I'll be able to help is to donate clothes and toiletry items to shelters set up around the city and of course to pray for God's mercy to be abundant.


  1. We're still in shock. Unbelievable. SO THANKFUL you guys are all fine. The Lord is merciful.

  2. Lynn - Glad to know y'all are fine. Praying for all those affected by this tragedy.