Friday, October 2, 2015

September Round-Up

September was a really beautiful month here in North Yorkshire with lots of good things happening in our lives.  Two birthdays to prepare for, moving, and the start of a new school year.  I think we might have finally fallen into a good fall rhythm.

September 1 - Making a birthday cake for this 9-year-old

September 2 - A Cinderella Birthday Party

September 3 - Started painting the living room of the new house

September 4 - And then did a little more

September 5 - Cleaned Capstick's kitchen so I could take pictures of the way it was before I started packing it up

September 6 - A Beautiful sunny Sunday morning

I'm really going to miss the nice weather.  The long hours of daylight and people drinking tea outside the cafes.  Oh, winter...

September 7 - Last Minute pictures of the dining room in Capstick

Since we moved across the Atlantic bringing mostly our clothes, the local charity shops and antique stores have gradually played a role in decorating our home.  Aren't those little foxes delightful?  

September 8 - The day after we moved house, KJ leaves town at 7 a.m., the first day of school - All of those things called for a little quiet lunchtime escape.

September 9 - A housewarming gift that made me enjoy all over again that we live in England

September 10 - Surprise drawers in Capstick's kitchen, probably original to the house

September 11 - Thinking I was probably going to enjoy our bed's new view

September 12 - Watching the Great British Bake-Off on a Saturday afternoon

September 13 - James Hitching a ride

September 14 - First Day back at Homeschool (not much cooperation from that boy)

September 15 - My Favorite Person to take phone pictures with

September 16 - Seriously, I don't think we've had this much sunshine since April (but who's counting?)

September 17 - School Pick-Up - I'll take that boy home with me.

September 18 - I just took this picture of an apple that came out of the bag with a leaf still on it...because I'm disconnected from nature?  I don't know...

September 19 - The State of the Conservatory - I thought I would try to document bit by bit as we unpack and get settled as a way to remind myself things are getting done!  You are making progress!
It already looks different in there.

September 20 - Ripley Castle, a really nice Sunday afternoon outing

September 21 - Roses from a friend and Lembas bread for our Hobbit party

September 22 - Finally fulfilled a desire to make a braided loaf - Ella did this one, and isn't it beautiful?

September 23 - A New bed for Ella - I still need to get her room completely unpacked, incidentally.

September 24 - This fun request from Ripley Castle

September 25 - I visited an American base with a new friend, and it was just the taste of home I needed to tide me over.

September 26 - Piano Practice on a Saturday Night

September 27 - So much American-ness: weight measured in ounces, a whole pound of bacon for so little money, beautiful perfect bacon

September 28 - And Pillsbury crescent rolls (My trip to the commissary was so much fun in case you can't tell.)

September 29 - Happily playing Children - Don't go, September!

September 30 - Autumn is officially here.

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