Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Adventure in Gloucestershire

Ahh, this thing called vacation (or, a holiday, depending on which side of the Atlantic you live) is an absolutely amazing invention.  It's been a really long time since we've had a family vacation, an entire week devoted to relaxing and spending time together, away from the responsibilities of everyday life, except for our responsibilities to each other, that is.  And it is the absolute best thing!

I should also say that friends that open up their home to you are the absolute best thing, too.

Today was the day with the biggest predicted chance of rain, but it wasn't as bad as originally forecasted.  Speaking of forecasters, I really feel like that would be a hard job in this country.  Everything changes so very quickly.  But I digress...we woke to gray skies but fairly mild temperatures, so after a few bumps getting everyone ready (good shoes!  good pants! do we need jackets?) and some directions from the family we were off for a morning walk.  I didn't know where we'd be walking or what sort of terrain to expect, but we ended up having so much fun.

We walked down the road a bit and then up a steep path through some woods.  There aren't many wooded paths where we live, so this was a beautiful change of scenery.

And you know I am so happy being able to take pictures of such loveliness. 

We came out of the woods and took a path beside a cow pasture before entering woods again.  We were on the hunt for a rope swing, and for a while the wind picked up, and my coat-less children started to get cold.  There was talk of turning back, but I'm so glad we didn't.

Boroughbridge is pretty much a complete dead zone for data so we have a running joke now about all of the places we can pick up 4G except for in our town:  this cow pasture for instance.

And rope swing success!

This picture reminds me of The Swiss Family Robinson when Father says, "After me, after me..." Thankfully KJ didn't fall like he did.

Ella is braver than her mama.  I think gymnastics gave her more confidence, and I'm glad for it. James was scared at first, but he warmed up to the swing before we headed back to the cottage, so I was proud of him, too.

I feel so rejuvenated after this day.

This morning I read Psalm 23:  "The LORD is my shepherd, I lack nothing.  He makes me lie down in green pastures, he leads me beside quiet waters, he refreshes my soul.  He guides me along the right paths for his name's sake."  I felt this so much today.  We ate lunch; I read; the kids played Monopoly with KJ; I TOOK A NAP; the kids watched Finding Nemo.  We walked around Painswick and drove into Stroud in the late afternoon and picked up a few things for dinner at Tesco. And my amazing husband found a great Buy 1 Get 1 Free movie deal, and we watched Big Hero 6 for the first time tonight.  We're behind the times, but it was such a great movie and such a great night.  So now the rain is falling, and we have plans to see Stonehenge for the first time tomorrow. Vacations:  they're just the best.

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