Monday, October 12, 2015

Medieval Day

I guess I fell off the wagon a little bit on the Write 31 Days project over the weekend.  In my defense it was a busy one!  But I'm hopping back on with some pictures from August and an afternoon spent at Medieval Day in Knaresborough.

Knaresborough is really close to us, and most of the time when we go it's to take or pick up someone from the train station. I think we got a flyer through our front door about this event and thought the kids would enjoy it.

There was a combat area set up in front of the castle ruins and sword-fighting, archery, and crafts set up elsewhere inside the castle gate.  When we arrived James joined in with Benji in some lessons in combat.  The man leading it was fantastic.

We exchanged a few pounds for some medieval coins that gave us a tour of the castle.  The castle is only open in the summer, so this was our first time to go inside.  We started with the dungeon where we were told to look out for engravings in the wall, scratched by bored prison guards hundreds of years ago.

Thankfully we had a modern-day torch to help in our search because the dungeon was a dark place.

Next we went up the tower steps to the remains of the king's hall.  We learned that this was one of King John's favorite castles.  He loved hunting in the Forest of Knaresborough.

Look how worn (and how narrow!) the steps are.

James attempted to climb up the remains of the fireplace.

In the court of King James...

The castle has a hidden underground tunnel that lets out below and outside of the castle walls.  We were excited to have the opportunity to walk through it as well.

The scariest part was not the dark and damp but the rare protected spiders and their huge white egg sacs filled with spider babies attached to the ceiling.  Shudder.

I was glad to make it out into the light again.  James and Benji completed some knight training, and Ella made a medieval button.

We made it out in time for the next combat performance.  The ladies in waiting gave their tokens to their favored knights, and the crowd was told who to cheer and boo for.

The little boys loved it.  Events like this are a lot of fun, and it was free to come and watch, so even better!

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