Saturday, October 17, 2015

An Early Autumn Afternoon at Ripley Castle

I really love the pictures I'm going to share today.  

They're the first ones during the Write 31 Days Challenge that are from the current season, and Autumn in North Yorkshire has been so lovely.  Autumn is so fleeting, so I'm really grateful every chance I get to go out and capture the loveliness.  There's something particularly beautiful about the low light and the colors of the leaves.  It makes me fall in love with photography all over again.

Near the end of September we visited Ripley Castle for the first time on a Sunday afternoon.  We ate a quick lunch after church so we could make it for a special children and family tour of the house. We ended up being the only family on the tour, so that was great fun.  James tried on a helmet from the English Civil War and hid inside the priest hole.  KJ and I enjoyed learning about the connection between Ripley Castle and Oliver Cromwell.

After touring the house we went for a walk in the deer park.  I immediately spotted a buck that ran away.  I hurried to exchange camera lenses, and got my telephoto lens on just in time for the deer to circle around and come back.  I couldn't believe it!

They were so beautiful!

They kept running away and coming back again.

We even saw a bit of a stampede.  

The leaves were just starting to turn, and this little guy was happy as long as he had a stick.

We had a really lovely walk all around the park and then walked to the other side of the grounds where there are balancing playgrounds for the kids.

We ran out of time and didn't get a chance to go into the gardens this time, but on our way out we saw a ropes course and places for other team-building activities.  It brought back a lot of memories. We thought this was a funny picture, a little herd of Segway riders.  I think you could take a guided tour of the grounds on these.

My kids can't resist hollow trees.

On our way out of the village we were endlessly serenaded by this rooster, who I've only just learned the English would call a cockerel.

Beautiful English Autumn!  We're really enjoying you.

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