Monday, October 19, 2015

Alnwick Castle

Every country has those places that aren't pronounced the way they're spelled (Arkansas, anyone?), and Alnwick is one of those for England.  You have to pretend like the "l" and the "w" aren't there and say, "An-ick."

After enjoying a summer with long days and mild temperatures we feel very aware of winter's approach and the season of bundling up before going outside.  KJ had some Expedia hotel points to use and some places he wanted to take us in Northumberland, the county north of Yorkshire, so we took a little overnight trip.  We've been really fortunate in so many of our days out to have absolutely gorgeous weather, and we were unconsciously expecting it for this trip, too.  But a couple of days before we planned to leave the forecast was for rain all the day long.  

Driving into Alnwick

I must confess I was not in the best of moods.  I was disappointed in the constant rain, and I was nursing my first cold of the season.  I had to keep praying for a happy heart.

Working on it!
I always love a good castle door.

I was also definitely disappointed in not being able to take many pictures with my good camera.  It was too wet to do anything but whip out our phones quickly every now and again.  The castle is really a beautiful one.

This grassy area was used to film the first broomstick-flying scene in the first Harry Potter movie. When it's not raining the castle offers Broomstick Training for kids.

Last year's Christmas episode of Downton Abbey was also filmed here.  You might recognize this little courtyard.

We were able to tour the State Rooms, and they were just lovely, as you can imagine.  But no pictures allowed, of course, because it is still a private home.  Alnwick has a lot of fun activities for kids, including a Knight's Quest that also had to be moved under shelter from the rain.

Ella didn't want to dress up, but James took advantage of the opportunity.

He killed that guy for sure.

He also took care of that dragon.  Ella made a clay medallion, and we spent some time in the gift shop before heading to our next stop.  We really hope to return on a clearer day, because you can see it's really lovely!  KJ got out and took these shots with my camera on our way out when the rain slowed a bit.

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