Tuesday, October 13, 2015

Rowing on the River Nidd

Knaresborough Castle was once upon a time perfectly situated on the clifftops overlooking the River Nidd.  The view from the castle ruins where Medieval Day was held is so beautiful and takes your breath away no matter how many times you've seen it.

The only time the kids and I had walked down by the river was in the cold of November shortly after we arrived last year.  A summer's day with rowing and ice cream, and the perfection of that view made us want to walk down the steps and enter into the scene.

I'm so glad KJ took the lead and said we should definitely do this.

The view from the River offered a different and impressive perspective.  We tried to ignore the fact that there were big dark clouds approaching our direction.

I guess we trusted Ella not to jump out, but we made sure this little guy was ready for anything.

I wouldn't mind having a house on the river like this.  What do you think?

It wasn't long before rain started softly falling.  We hung out underneath a smaller stone bridge for a little bit, but when the thunder started we figured we'd better row back to the landing.  We had a short trek back to the car and made it just before the bottom fell out.  Thunderstorms are really rare here, and it rained the hardest we'd ever seen since moving.  The car ride back home was loud with the sound of fast-falling rain, and to top off our lovely day I slipped and fell in the doorway of Capstick Cottage running in, landing on the pinky finger of my left hand.  I twisted it pretty good because it took a good week or so to stop hurting.  I think it mended alright in the end, though.  Adventures usually have a price.

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