Saturday, October 24, 2015

Bamburgh Castle

When we went to Northumberland at the beginning of the month we had two castles we planned to visit.  Bamburgh Castle sits right on the North Sea, and we looked forward to ocean views, but alas, the second day of our trip was filled with a constant rain as well.  The mist obscured the ocean, but it couldn't obscure the castle as it is absolutely massive!  The rain prevented me from taking pictures outside the castle, but you might enjoy this very cool bird's eye view.

Bamburgh is truly an ancient place where people have lived for a very long time.  Someone at some point was an avid coin collector, and I enjoyed seeing the old American money.  The penny has certainly gotten smaller!

The great hall was truly breathtaking.

They encouraged you to use mirrors to look at the ceiling, but you still found yourself looking up.

This room...I don't think anything could be more perfect than this room.

The packet for the kids at Bamburgh was almost as massive as the castle itself.  When asked which castle he liked best, James voted for Alnwick because "there was so much work to do" at the other one.  James may not realize that the activities are optional, but they definitely keep the kids occupied so I can wander and take pictures, and KJ has time to read any plaques or descriptions of things.

The stairs led to the part of the house that is occupied.  The wood paneling was really beautiful.  

Ella was a bit freaked out by the arms holding the lanterns in this billiards room.

Aren't those floors gorgeous?

Tapestries and crossbows, everything that makes a castle a castle.  And we caught a few glimpses out the windows before heading down to the dungeon of sorts.

Massive is the best adjective to describe so many things about this castle, including the chains and keys!

I always think of my mom when I'm in the kitchens of places like this.  There's something really beautiful about an old kitchen.  I really like the old drain stoppers.

I snapped a few quick pictures with my phone as we walked back out.  And after a hot lunch in the tea rooms we decided to skip out on our last stop and head for home and dry clothes.

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