Saturday, September 26, 2015

Aira Force

On our way home from Keswick in July we made a couple of small stops.  First, at Castlerigg, a stone circle that is older than Stonehenge though not as impressive in size.

Ella woke up with a fever, poor girl, but thankfully, the places KJ wanted to stop didn't require too much walking. We were able to park right outside Castlerigg on the road.


We next drove a little further for a picnic lunch with our friend Liesal, who we were giving a ride to the train station, and a short walk to see Aira Force, which is a great name for a waterfall, right?

There were some pretty magnificent trees, including this "money tree."

I have no idea how long this phenomenon took to happen.

Part way up the path there was a nice view of the lake.

The waterfall was really beautiful.

There was a pretty great view from the bridge.  You can see how steep the drop is by the stone stairs in the background.  I did a quick little video with my phone, kind of afraid that I would drop it to its death.

We walked down some steps on the other side to a peaceful pool at the bottom of the fall.  It was the kind of place you'd like to just stay awhile.

Except maybe not if you have a fever.

This spruce tree was pretty amazing.  KJ got this great shot of Ella beside it.

James found a small woodland throne.

And ever since the kids spent an afternoon learning about wildflowers at Fountains Abbey, they remind me not to touch the Foxglove, which is beautiful but poisonous.

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