Friday, April 26, 2013

Franco Fridays: Almost Here!

I can hardly believe we're one week out from our trip!  But one week from this moment my head will be in a tailspin making sure we have every last minute thing packed for ourselves and our kids.  I woke up this morning really excited, but at the same time, my mommy heart starts to miss my kids in advance.  Being a mother changes you from the inside out

I wanted to introduce our team so you'd have some faces to pray for: (from Left to Right)  We have Kevin, one of our students from Texas; Seth and Evan, brothers, students and graduates (Seth is actually missing his graduation ceremony next Friday.); Alyssa, who's been on several trips with our church and KJ in the past few years, and I couldn't imagine this trip without her!; Audrey, who accompanied KJ to Haiti in December on her first mission trip; and Amy and Chris, our other married couple in the group.  Amy actually grew up with KJ in the same hometown.  I'm so excited about spending time with all of these guys and gals.

I think the first thing you can pray for is that we (and our luggage) will make all of our flights, that air traffic controllers can get back to work, and we won't have to spend Friday night in the Detroit airport.  While we are in Paris you can pray for connections and meaningful conversations with the youth at Emmanuel International ChurchPray for us as we meet and converse with South Asians and others in the city of Paris, that doors would be opened for us, and that we'd have opportunities to share the gospel and have other meaningful conversations.

Pray for my children, who will be traveling back and forth between grandparents' houses and great-grandparents.  Providentially, they are going to get some good cousin time in addition to all the fun grandparents, and I know they will have a blast, but still...prayers are still appreciated since they'll be out of their normal routine and without Mom and Dad.  But maybe it's only ME, little mama, that needs help with being out of her daily routine of child-rearing. :) 

Beyond that, I am wildly excited and expectant, and I've been singing along with our French friend, Belle.


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