Wednesday, April 10, 2013

A Spring Beauty Walk

It may not make for very interesting reading on the blog, but I am loving Spring flowers blooming everywhere.  This morning was so beautiful I decided to forget about the housework, and the fact that it was Wednesday and a church night; forget about finishing school by 1:00 and forget about how everything takes longer and is more complicated when you take kids along, and take the kids out for the morning.  It was worth it.

The world is just a beautiful place right now, even if it is covered in pollen.  Thankfully, our daily doses of allergy meds are keeping us from suffering too terribly.

I got out my old 135mm lens that I haven't used in months, and I greatly enjoyed the effects.  I just love those pink blossoms.

We had some rough moments getting out the door, but the child with the attitude recovered herself after running hand-in-hand with her brother past the men cutting the grass, stirring up pollen and dust everywhere.  After that, there was pleasantness all around, and I was grateful.

Parenting is hard work; it's so good to savor the sweet moments.   

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