Monday, April 8, 2013

Easter Weekend Re-Cap

We really did have such a lovely Easter weekend, busy with church activities, and then we were able to drive up to my hometown to see my parents, brothers, sister-in-law, and grandparents.  Last Monday was such a perfect and lovely Spring day.  But first, a few pictures from our perfect and lovely Easter lunch with KJ's parents.

Our hearts were full of thankfulness for a delicious meal and time together even if it did rain most of Easter Sunday.  

Monday was a beautiful and full day.  When you have that many people (and dogs!) in one house you get an early start, but I wasn't complaining.  I had a chance to capture the beautiful morning light on the Spring blossoms.

One of my favorite un-photographed moments was watching James walk off to the woods with Jesse and his dog, Pack.  Three of a kind.  And my mom's lemon raspberry cake?  The perfect light, springtime treat.

Mom surprised Ella with a dollhouse that she enjoyed playing with so much, especially with Aunt Sandy.  Ella loves the time she gets to spend with her, and Sandy is always sweet to spend so much time playing with Ella.

I love this picture of our family with Gramma and Papa.  Unfortunately, Ella found an ant on her foot just before and was scared of ant bites at the exact moment we were ready for the picture.

It was just a lovely weekend all around.     


  1. what beautiful pictures of your beautiful family. I think my favorite of our Easter lunch is of the lovely table, highlighted in the left corner by my beautiful butter dish. It just set the fine china experience off, wouldn't you say? =0

    1. Absolutely. :) A better food photographer would have scooted the butter tub out of the way...but KJ does like his butter on corn on the cob!