Friday, February 1, 2013

Friday's Flashback: The Tower of London

I think one of the best things KJ and I did was read Charles Dickens' A Child's History of England on our trip.  What better way to increase our appreciation and knowledge of everything we were seeing than reading about every king and queen and all the history in between?  By the time we reached our last day in London we'd finished the book and were very familiar with the Tower of London.  I'd learned that it was a castle, not just a tower, and everybody who was anybody in British history spent some time there, usually not leaving with their head, unfortunately.  

The Tower of London was one of the most frustrating places to try to photograph.  It was so big, and it was hard to find a vantage point where I could get it all in the frame in a way I was satisfied with, so here's a little tour around the castle. 

The view opposite this is where all the tourists hang out, but this is the side nearest the road leading to the Tower Bridge.

View from the Tower Bridge

At one point we heard the sound of music playing and got to see a glimpse of past years.

     Those women look desolate.  Prisoners? 

As I was looking through pictures this morning, I thought, Why didn't I take a panorama of this side of the Tower??  I don't know why that idea escaped me that day, but I was able to find two pictures and piece them together to get a view of this entire side.  Thank you, Photoshop.

  I think it was bad news if you were taken in through the Traitor's Gate.

So there's a glimpse of The Tower of London.  We were running out of time and didn't make it inside this trip.

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