Tuesday, February 12, 2013

My Girl

Ella at almost 6 1/2 ---

She's just as energetic as always, dancing, prancing, and flipping about all day.

She's a really amazing reader and starting to read to herself of her own volition more often.  This makes my heart happy.

She loves gymnastics and will walk on the beam without holding on to her teacher's hand now.  She'll venture up on the high bars, too.  She's growing in confidence.  

She's better about speaking to adults at church when they speak to her.  Again, growing in confidence.

She says Science is her favorite subject.  

She spends her "quiet time" in her room each day playing with paper dolls, coloring, and watching The Andy Griffith Show. You can hear a lot of cackling intermittently coming through the walls.

She's a really good big sister, lavishing James with hugs and kindness on most occasions.  

KJ says she answers questions about his sermons at the Mission Community really well, even in a room filled with bigger kids.

She's growing in her ability to recognize her wrong behavior and apologize.

I watched James "hit" her in the face when she wouldn't give him a colored pencil she was using, and she didn't flinch or hit him back.  Her restraint was impressive to me.  I think I would have (and did) hit my brothers back.

She still has her struggles (food), but she is growing in this area, too, eating more variety than she has yet in her young life. 

I love her, and I'm glad she's my girl.      


  1. Oh Lynn, She is just too precious. I agree that she is growing. She spoke sweetly to any adult who said "Hi Ella" when she was with us. This is very impressive because she does not really know them. Love that girl.