Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Usborne Book Party

We're having a party at our house Friday night, the best kind of party of all...a book party!  

The happy bride of two months (on Friday!) is now an Usborne Books and More Consultant.  I had heard of people selling Usborne books in the past, but it wasn't until this past year I've used and appreciated their products.

We use this Internet-Linked Children's Encyclopedia for History, Geography, and Science.  Almost every page has a link to interactive games, videos, pictures, coloring pages, or just more information about whatever subject you're studying.  I know I could search for all of those things myself, but it saves a lot of time having them all in one place, and knowing it's an okay link to click on.  The only link I ever got nervous about was a video of a dolphin being born...but it was amazing!

This Science Activities book is the source of all the science experiments we do around here.  It's probably the reason Ella loves Science, and the activities really do help concepts stick.  We've got some colored water with sugar sitting on our kitchen table right now.  We're waiting on it to evaporate and leave behind the sugar, illustrating how water molecules leave behind anything else they're mixed with when they become a gas.  Although, don't tell Ella what the results are supposed to be.  She wanted to be surprised.

Now this Sticker Dressing book is what Ella plans to order at the party Friday.  She emptied out her piggy bank and wallet last night and counted all her money.  She plans on doing some chores around the house this week to earn $2 more to order her book.  She ADORES these books.  I may order her another one, too.  Maybe this one?

I wanted to invite you all to be at the party virtually.  This link will take you to my e-show, and any purchases you make will go toward making Hillary's party a success.  Who wouldn't want to do that?  I know Ella wouldn't mind if you wanted to stock her up on the Sticker Dressing books.  She makes rules for herself on how many pages she can do each day so she won't finish it too fast.  Though she wants to finish it so badly.  That girl...

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