Wednesday, February 20, 2013

The Weekend

I don't normally have anything out of the ordinary going on during the weekend, but this past weekend was full of time with other women in our church, and how refreshing that was!  

But before that there were a few errands to run (library and Wal-Mart) and a stop to let the kids run and soak up some much-needed vitamin D.

Then it was off to T's for a girls' movie night.  Oddly enough, we watched a movie about Paris.

   "Every time I look through a camera I'm surprised.
It's like finding yourself in the middle of a story...
I think I've been taking pictures all my life,
long before I ever had a camera."
- Sabrina - 

I came home late humming, La Vie en Rose, and went back to T's early the next morning for a ladies Prayer Retreat.  It was a sweet time of fellowship and being reminded of the importance of prayer.  More prayer has a made a difference in my life this week.

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