Saturday, July 17, 2010

Sleeping through the Night

I am waiting for James to wake up so I can nurse him.  That almost never happens.  Did he suddenly decide to start sleeping through the night?  I don't think so.  But when he woke up crying at 11:30, KJ went in to rock him and put him back down, and he shut his bedroom door on the way out.  I don't really agree with this practice completely because it gives me some kind of separation anxiety to not know if he wakes crying in the night, even though in theory I know it's okay because I need to let him cry anyway so he will stop waking up and crying.  However, I had no anxiety last night because I was unaware of the situation. I took a Tylenol PM last night because the night before I was awake for 2 1/2 hours after waking up with James.  I think that after 9 months of irregular sleep my body just doesn't know what to do anymore.  I'm used to having to wake up fully in the night to perform motherly duties, and I can't go back to sleep on command any more.  It's a horrible problem.  But I slept blissfully last night, and didn't open my eyes until 6:45, at which point I realized that KJ must have shut James' door because there was no other explanation for my having slept through the night.  Sure enough, I got up to find his door shut.  But James is still sleeping peacefully, so I know there was no harm done.  

On a side note, we took our first trip to Chuck E Cheese last night.  I wanted to go to Hobby Lobby and look at some lamps and pictures, and the rain was pouring down as we got there.  Since I only wanted to get in and out of the car once in the rain (Have you ever tried to hold an umbrella over your head while removing a child from a carseat?  Impossible!) I suggested Chuck E Cheese because we could walk there from Hobby Lobby under an overhang, and Ella had never been so I thought she might have a good time.

When we walked in the door, Ella was less than thrilled about having her hand stamped by a strange lady, and she had her "unsure" expression on her face as she took in the chaos around her.  She didn't want to ride any of the rides, but she had a good time watching KJ and I play Skee Ball, and she played a mean game of air hockey with me.  (And yes, I did let her win.)  She also danced on the blue screen where it projected her on to the television dancing with Chuck E.  

When we first walked in a sweet little boy approached us with his hand out and gave us 5 tokens.  I'm not sure why; maybe he had to leave.  But we didn't have to purchase any tokens.  We just ate and played a few games and left.  KJ found several abandoned tickets, so we ended up with 39, and Ella got 4 Tootsie Pops as her prize.  She was happy, and so were we.  On a side note, who knew that Chuck E Cheese would have surprisingly delicious Barbecue Chicken Pizza?  It was fabulous!  I am looking forward to a date night there.  Barbecue Pizza and a Skee Ball tournament!  

My only sadness came from not having my camera with me (a first trip to Chuck E Cheese felt like a big deal), but here is our family on the car where it takes your picture:

On another side note, KJ pointed out that we were  by far the youngest parents of younger children there.


  1. That's how I was able to let Sterling cry it out. Shut the door and mute the monitor. It worked wonders! I had some anxiety the first time or two, but instead of resorting to checking on him, I prayed that the Lord would ease my anxious heart and protect my child. He learned to sleep, and I had to trust that the Lord was a better and more protective parent to him than I was.

    And as far as the hand stamp goes, I don't blame Ella for not liking that. I hated that as a child too.

  2. hoping this is the new normal for you dear one. One day sleepless nights will only be a memory....oh yea, then you have teenagers.