Tuesday, June 1, 2010

Summer Days

June1 always feels like the official starting date of summer to me.  Last summer I was anxiously awaiting the end of summer because I was  so incredibly pregnant and ready to not be so.  I used events and family get-togethers to mark my progress toward the end of summer and the birth of baby James.  I noticed that I was doing the same thing thinking about this summer and reminded myself that I don't need the days to hurry by this summer, and in fact, I really need to concentrate on marking moments and savoring each day because all too soon the end of summer will arrive, and my girl will be four which officially feels like a big girl, and my baby will turn one.

Even though I still want to have projects and goals throughout the summer I really want to concentrate on enjoying each day and having fun with my children.  With Ella, I want to enjoy each moment and have fun.  It was not so very long ago that she was 8 months old (as James is today), a laughing, smiling, chubby little bundle.  Even though there are so many challenges raising babies during the first year, there are so many things that were so much easier.  There was no discipline and no talking back.  There were still the same questions and doubts in my heart when I had to make decisions, but now it seems so much more important, because she remembers things that happen, and these seem like my last moments to be the center of her world.  Her world is ever-expanding, and I want to plant in her heart things that are good and right and true.  I certainly need a lot of grace and help to do that.

With sweet James I just want to hold on to every moment, take lots of pictures, and do lots of rocking, hugging, and kissing, because before I know it he will be voicing his opinion with more than just a cry or the irritated blowing of a raspberry.  I will have to spank him and explain why his behavior is wrong, and life will be more complicated.  For now, he just lights up when I walk in the room and buries his head in my chest when I hold him, and life is good.

I think my greatest need in the task of mothering just now is patience to do my task well and not see times of discipline as an interruption in the enjoyment of my day.  It is my job now to teach and instruct.  Any other task can wait.  Now I'm going to go build Lego monsters with Ella.
Ella at 8 Months

James is 8 months old today!


  1. You're a good mother. I love you.


  2. I second that- You are a good mother. I admire you.

  3. Oh my darling girl, if only this was the thinking of little mothers everywhere! Hang in there. It is so worthwhile. Like you said, the time is fleeting and soon you will stand like me, looking back and being so glad you were intentional rather than sad that you missed it. Thank you for making this season in my life so rich with such precious (and I mean precious) grandchildren.

  4. You are so dear, sweet Lynn. I love you, and I love your (I agree with T) PRECIOUS children. Thank you for posting and writing. You are so good at it. And Happy 8 Months, Baby James! You are a delightful young man :)