Monday, June 14, 2010

Day 4 - Stinker

It has been determined that there is nothing wrong with my son, James Pugh, except that he has hit that age where he wants me with him all the time; therefore his sleep has gotten so out of whack that he was awake crying periodically for 3 hours last night.  I would rock him back to sleep, and he would cry when I put him down.  I let him cry once for 45 minutes, periodically going in and laying him back down since he has learned the trick of sitting up by himself.  "Night, night, James."  More crying.  My mom noted all the different cries he has.  He moves from anger, to manic laughter, to pitiful, to just making noise.  But after 3 nights of less than 5 hours of sleep for me, the jig is up, and we are going home tonight.  The door will be shut on his bedroom, and he will have to work it out on his own.  I talk tough, but after 3 hours what mother doesn't wear down?  I do.  I did after two hours last night and tried to nurse him.  He just smiled and touched my face and wanted to play.  I laughed with him, but that was the final proof I needed that it would not be mean of me to let him work it out. It is best for him and me.  He has been so exhausted today but stubbornly held on to staying awake throughout our outing to Huntsville.  This boy is a stinker.  A cute stinker, but a stinker all the same.

Mom came home after Sunday School and stayed with James so I could get out of the house and go to church yesterday.  It was wonderful to be home and see familiar faces and hear my father preach.  It was also fun to just get out alone with Ella.  I took some pictures in the church foyer.  I thought she looked so pretty in her new white dress.

My friend, Dana Smalley, came over to play Scrabble Sunday afternoon.  We used to play every Saturday night when I was in high school while watching Early Edition.  She creamed me, as usual, and then Ella took over my play date, spelling words with Dana on the board and coloring.  Dana is a Kindergarten teacher, and I wish she could be Ella's teacher!

James had some extra sleep in Debo's arms (It's too bad I couldn't have any.). 

KJ, you should notice the customary drool spot on Debo's shoulder.
That boy soaks through several bibs each day.

We wanted to do something fun this morning, and I decided to go to Huntsville, thinking James would nap on the way.  Did he, no.  He stayed awake for the longest he has in his life, but at least he was pleasant.   We went to Target and Barnes and Noble, and had lunch at Chili's.  Thankfully, he slept for an hour on the way home, and hopefully he will nap for me on the way back to Tuscaloosa later.

This map was set up at Barnes and Noble, and Ella is showing me where her daddy is.

Pray for this boy tonight.


  1. Big LOL at that last picture and caption. I love see pictures of the scenes I missed because I can picture how everyone is acting just be the still pictures. I love the ones of Ella at church.

    I love that stinker and his sister. I love you.

    I will be home before you can correctly say, "Meu nome e KJ."

  2. I love reading your posts, Lynn. You are such a fun writer ~ Thank you for letting us join you on your trip. Your children are gorgeous. I'm so glad you had a fun Sunday morning at church with your girl and seeing old, dear faces. I will be praying for James. From what you've said, I guess he is a stinker. But I think he's just cute! :)

  3. I will be praying for the big guy. The smile just melts your heart so better not to go in and see him grinning up at you.

  4. I wish I had known you were in Huntsville!! I had NOTHING to do today! I could have kept your little stinker and let you shop :) Praying tonight goes smoothly and you ALL get a good nights rest :) Love you Pugh's!!

  5. Lynn, I'm praying for James, and for you. I hope he can start to get some good sleep soon - and I hope that you will also be able to get some much needed rest. If you need anything while K.J.'s gone, call me! :)

  6. Lynn ~ Just wanted to offer a little encouragement ~ I have been there, and it is oh so tough!!! While I can go without a lot of sleep I do NOT do well with 4 or 5 hours of broken sleep ~ it is A LOT different than 4 or 5 hours of straight sleep!!! (My kids eventually learned to go to Glenn's side of the bed in the middle of the night if they wanted sympathy ~ I know, it's sad!!) Believe it or not sweet Bethany was my James! After 10 months of not a lot of sleep I too decided it was time for her to "work it out" ~ and she did!!! It was tough!!! The first night she cried for 3 hours ~ and then magic ~ SHE SLEPT the rest of the night! After that she would cry when I first put her down but would quickly calm herself down! Oh how my life changed! I promised to never rock another one of my babies to sleep but to let them put themselves to sleep!!! I would have probably caved on that one but God blessed me with the "perfect" baby ~ Hillary, who was stimulated by rocking and preferred to put herself to sleep!!!! Good luck ~ stay strong ~ and I will indeed be praying for you!!!!

  7. Thank you for all your encouragement!! Having a stinker baby stimulated a lot of comments on my blog. :)

  8. I will be praying for you too! I know it is so hard. Especially when they are stubborn, It is hard to make your will outlast theirs. We had a battle last night over supper. It was so hard for me to hold out, I couldn't have done it without Alex.