Thursday, June 17, 2010

Day 7 - Thankful for Friends

I think I have mentioned before how hard it was for me last year when KJ was in Brazil, and I expected it to be like that again.  Maybe being more prepared led to more prayers on the subject from both KJ and myself, and I must say that it really has been a good week, and having two small children keeps me much busier than only Ella did last summer.  There is not a lot of time to mope, and the Lord has been gracious to fill our days with fun times and good friends.

Yesterday Heather Roach, a friend from our church, came and watched the kids, allowing me to go grocery shopping by myself.  You mothers know what a treat that is.  It truly is an enjoyable experience.  She stayed a couple of more hours after I got home and colored with Ella.  They enjoyed watching Cinderella together, and I enjoyed some adult conversation.

After Heather left I was able to talk to KJ online, and then I began packing Ella's bag for an overnight trip to her grandparents' house with John David.  I know they had a wonderful time together.

It was very quiet after T. and Ella left.  I fixed myself some leftovers for supper, and James watched God Made Me and played with a water bottle.  He was very tired and went to bed at 7:00, and then it was even quieter.

So I was all prepared to do a little bit of this:  
when there was a knock at my door.  We don't have a peephole, and we put something over our windows so I can't see anything but shadows outside.  It was dusk, and I hardly ever open the door when I'm home alone anyway.  I just saw this dark shadow of someone holding what appeared to be a suitcase, and my first thought was some kind of door-to-door salesman.  I hesitated, and there was another knock, so I ran to my closet in the front of the house to peep out the blinds.  My eyes fell on what appeared to be Hillary Winter's car.  I ran back to the front door and opened it wide, and there she was!  I was so excited.  I have missed her so much in the 2 1/2 weeks she's been gone from Tuscaloosa.  I was very used to her practically living at my house, and it has been lonely without her.  

She came bearing gifts (more blackberry preserves, books, and t-shirts for my kids), and since Ella was gone and James was away we settled in for a good chat.  It was so nice.  Another plus to Ella being away (although I did miss her) was getting to go back to bed this morning after James' early waking and feeding.  Oh, the bliss.  We then showered and dressed and went to the Pugh's to visit with Katie, John David, and Claire.  Ella and John David were playing with pla-doh, and Claire and James did some baby communing.  It was very sweet.

After James' nap we made a visit to All Fired Up to make a Father's Day present for KJ.  It was a lot of fun, and James really cooperated and behaved perfectly.  

When we left All Fired Up we went to Winn-Dixie to pick up a few items for supper.  Ella's favorite thing about Winn-Dixie is getting to "drive" the cart with the steering wheels.  I put James in beside her, and he loved it.  He was so cute and precious with his hands on the steering wheel, checking it all out.  What a sweet boy.

Can you tell by their expressions that it's really hot?

Ella enjoys her cookie dough.

We ended the day with taco salad and a cookie cake.  It was such a fun day, and I was thankful that James was such a trooper and took naps when he was supposed to do so.  He also crawled the longest distance he's ever been tonight, all the way through the den and dining room and into the hallway.  I think he would have kept going, but I had to rescue him from the plug on the lamp.  

I am so thankful to Hillary for surprising me last night and for all the sweet friends and family who have made this week so enjoyable.  We still have 4 1/2 more days without KJ, but I am hopeful that they will be just as good.  We are planning on having another friend from church over with her little girl to play with Ella in the morning.  She also has a precious one-year-old who James will enjoy, I'm sure.  We are hanging in there, KJ!  (Although I will say that Ella has seemed a little sad and out of sorts tonight.  I think she misses you.)


  1. oh, Lynn! I wish we were closer...some pool time would make the days pass on by! I know you are missing your man! Praying for you and wishing we could be close to have a playdate together! Love you, friend! g-ma

  2. I love these updates :). I am so glad you are having a good time. Thank Hillary for me before she leaves. Love you.


  3. First time on your blog. I'm proud of you for taking the kids out on a 3 hour tour! It is hard work. Be careful with the water bottle thing, Seth had one the other day and actually got the top off. Guess where it ended his mouth!