Thursday, June 3, 2010

Moments in Mothering

Tonight I went to the grocery store and came home a hero.  I was rocking James to sleep when Ella tiptoed in with a box of Golden Grahams.  "Thank you!" she mouthed.  (She knows to mouth things now when I am rocking James to sleep, not yell.)

When I came out of James' room, she rushed to show me the free Shrek marker that came in the cereal box.  I didn't notice that the box had a prize, but Ella was pretty pumped.  It was her first cereal box prize.  

Ella really likes to help me do things these days, so she was helping to put away the groceries.  She knows what everybody's favorite snacks are so as she unloaded she pulled out the box of Honey Teddy Grahams and ran to the living room to show them to KJ.  "Look what Mommy got you!!"  She likes the chocolate, and I bought those last time, so she was really sweet to be excited for her dad to get his favorite flavor.  

"Ooh!  Thank you for the granola bars!"  Win, win, win.  


  1. I can just see her peeking in the room and nodding her little head and sweetly saying thank you. so precious. She is such a big girl and oh so polite. Now if we can just get her to speak when adults speak to her she will be the pink of polite perfection. =)

  2. So sweet! We love you guys :)

  3. She is such a sweet girl. I think she's likes her mother and clams up when asked to "perform." She's good once she gets comfortable. :)