Saturday, June 19, 2010

Day 9 - A Day of Happenings

I couldn't resist posting some pictures of our day for KJ before bed.  I think he will have one more chance to be online tomorrow morning, and I know it will make his heart glad to see the faces of his loved ones, especially since it is Father's Day.  It seemed to be a day of many happenings for James.  He got his first bloody lip.  I didn't see it happen, but I think he fell over on a wooden spoon.  Or maybe he just hit his face on the ground, but I noticed blood on his bib mingling with the drool when I picked him up to comfort his tears.  I tried to get some pictures, and he didn't seem too upset about it.

You can see a little bloody drool there.

A lot of notice gets taken of babies, so Ella likes to get in on the action.

James also performed another feat that made me fear more bleeding lips.  He pulled up to a standing position using the trunk that sits on our hearth.  It is not really tall enough to do that so he was bent over with his hands touching it, but he was on his two little feet, legs standing tall.  Ella and I clapped and cheered, but then I quickly put him back on his bottom.  He loves to explore the fireplace, though.  I felt like Mary Poppins telling him he could never be too careful around fireplaces.

I was attempting to block his passage with the toy basket.
It sort of worked.

James had yet another misadventure today while Ella and I were listening to letter sounds on a Hooked on Phonics c.d.  I had the c.d. playing in the living room where we have surround sound, and James crawled over to the sub-woofer only to back away quickly, crying.  I couldn't figure out what happened until he covered his ear with his little hand.  Oh.  Poor little guy.

We didn't have any plans today, so after the thunderstorm this afternoon I abruptly decided that we would go out.  We went to a couple of stores and ate dinner at Jason's Deli.  James had his first ice cream experience.  He didn't want any more puffs after that.  He would only be satisfied with more ice cream.  We had a good time but came home exhausted.  A three hour outing with my children on my own really took it out of me.  I'm so glad Ella is such a big girl, though, and learning to do so many tasks by herself.  I was holding James, so I couldn't help her in the bathroom but could only wait outside the stall.  She did everything herself, but I did play supermom holding James in one arm, and lifting her up with my other so she could reach the sink to wash her hands.  That is probably why mothers have back problems when they are older.  We are very ready for KJ to come home.  Happy Father's Day, sweet KJ!  You are such a wonderful father to our children!

James is intent on his puffs.

Eating ice cream

Ella loves chocolate (and making faces).

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  1. Thank you so much for posting this. I was hoping but not counting on something this morning. Love the pictures and hearing about your day. I will be home soon and we can all celebrate Father's Day together.