Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Pictures from Our Day

My husband requested some pictures from our adventures today, so these are for him.

The day started with breakfast, and James really wanted some of Ella's cereal.

This resulted in Ella spilling the cereal all over the carpet.
I got James a snack, too, and all was well.

I think Ella watched too many musicals at a young age.
She's quite the performer.
I like that you can see James' teeth in this pictures.

We went to the library after lunch today and had a pretty good time.  James was attempting to hurl himself out of the stroller, but other than that it was uneventful.  I think the attraction was his toes and the wheels.

James reached over and grabbed Ella's hand.

Ella played her first computer game.

Ella informed me when we got inside that she didn't want to read books today, and she pointed at the computers longingly.  There was an older girl playing a game on one of them.  I reluctantly walked over to check it out.  I wasn't sure what games were on there and if she would be able to play them, and James was still hanging over the side of the stroller.  She really did a great job, though.  She pointed and clicked (I think it was her first time) and got the answers right.  Her daddy would be so proud of his little gamer.

James and I waiting while Ella played games

James played in the kitchen while I cooked dinner and discovered the amazing doorstop that makes the oh, so fun noise.

Those are all my pictures from today.  I should have taken one of Ella talking to KJ via Skype tonight, though.  How different is the world she is growing up in than the one I was 3 years old in?  I'm sure I didn't participate in technology until I was much older.  I got a record player for Christmas when I was about her age.  She's looking at her father's face and talking to him while he is on another continent.  It's a brave, new world.


  1. Looks like you had a fun day! I am continuing to pray for you & James - hope you both are getting some sleep!

  2. precious pictures of marking ordinary moments. so glad you have a wonderful camera and a truly wonderful life. (now if we can get the nights to last longer the days will be ever sweet). praying for that. Love you t.

  3. Great pictures and log of your day. Exactly what I wanted. It made me smile to live it vicariously.