Monday, May 3, 2010

Things I Love About My DAD

My husband really enjoyed the posts where I followed Shakespeare's advice and counted the ways I loved him.  I thought I would do a series of posts on things I love about other members of my family.  I'll start with my dad, Dr. Paul Taylor Murphy.  

  1. He has shown me and every other member of our family a steadfast love.
  2. He has a great sense of humor and always makes us laugh.  
  3. He is an incredibly hard worker.
  4. He is very romantic.
  5. He is spontaneous.  
  6. He spent a lot of time making memories with us and for us.
  7. He is very smart, "the smartest man in Arab," as someone once said.
  8. He is a generous giver.
  9. He has taught us by his life and by his example to love God's Word.
I think my list would benefit from some examples.  A  mere list doesn't seem to do my father justice.

My father has always loved us even when it required tough discipline and we were unlovable.  One picture that is indelibly printed on my mind is of he and my mother holding hands in the car whenever we traveled somewhere on vacation.  He has always made us laugh with stories of his childhood adventures and constantly made fun of us and himself.  Our home was filled with laughter.  My father words so hard, and has always modeled a good work ethic for us.  He works 24/7 as a pastor, and even on his day off rises early to jog, cut grass, and do any other work that needs doing around the house and yard.  His romance reveals itself in many ways, but I'll just say he quotes Anne of Green Gables and Pride and Prejudice liberally.

My mom has learned to be ready at a moment's notice to take a spontaneous trip to the mountains.  One of my favorite memories was being checked out of school early in 3rd grade to drive up to the Smokey Mountains for the day to enjoy the fall foliage.  Life was always exciting and a grand adventure with my dad (yet another example of his romance).  We made so many memories riding bikes, hiking, tubing down the river, riding mules through the Grand Canyon, eating at the Mayberry Diner, and looking at monoliths.  

My dad is very smart.  Once when I was struggling through Algebra II/Trigonometry, he told me about how he had a perfect score in that subject.  I think I must have said something to the effect of he must have been a nerd or something, because he pulled out an old yearbook proving himself not only to be smart but good at basketball and baseball, as well as being class president.  He's a wonderful student of God's Word, as well, translating the Greek to English himself when he preaches.  He blessed each of his children this Christmas with a Bible he had used at different points of his life and ministry.  I am proud of his gifts and so thankful that he has always lived the truths he proclaimed out before us by God's grace.  He is a generous giver to us, always sacrificing for his children and making Christmas magical year after year, making memories for us yet again by going to the pig farm for fresh sausage (what a smell!) to make his infamous Christmas Breakfast Casserole.  

He is a wonderful dad, and it is so fun to watch him be a grandfather to my children.  He is the absolute best.


  1. I am glad and proud to have such a father-in-law.


  2. No wonder I am so in love with him.