Wednesday, May 19, 2010

A Good Helper

I just needed to take a moment to share what a great helper sweet Ella is.  She is a sweet little mother to James, mimicking the way I talk to and care for him.  I was struck anew with how blessed I am to have her as I was working out this afternoon.  When James got bored or upset she would bring him a new toy.  She picked up his spoon when he kept dropping it from the Johnny Jump Up.  When he finally got bored with that and I put him on the floor she went to the refrigerator and got his cup of water and held it for him so he could drink and I could continue exercising.  I'm so proud of all her new abilities (like opening the refrigerator) and her desire to use them to help her mother.  I was able to get through the workout dvd just as James hit his breaking point and put him down for a nap.  I gave her much praise.

Even a child is known by his doings, whether his work be pure,
and whether it be right.
- Proverbs 20:11-


  1. All these pictures make me feel very melancholy.Ella's babyhood went by so fast. I have to remind myselt that she is so much fun, at every stage.
    You were also a great helper with your brothers. I could not have made it without your climbing in the crib to play with Joshie, as you called him, so I could cook supper!

  2. We love you Pugh girls. Thank you, Ella, for not only being a great big sister, but also a wonderfully precious cousin for John David and Claire. Thank you for loving them like you do. You are irreplaceable!