Sunday, May 23, 2010

The Fifth Year

Our fifth year of marriage came with many changes, the least of which was the change in location.  When we lived in Louisville KJ was gone nearly every day for either school or work, and Ella and I spent most days alone together, not seeing anyone we knew.  When we moved to Tuscaloosa life became a whirlwind of activity in comparison.  We had a plethora of church-related activities, Bible studies, and get-together's with new friends.  KJ was home every evening, with one day off during the week, and we saw family all the time, whereas before we saw family once every couple of months.  It seems like there were a lot of weddings and other events to be attended that summer, too.

Getting Settled, Hanging pictures
Ella saw KJ and I holding things up against the walls to decide where they would go, and she grabbed a picture so she could do it, too.
(20 months)

May 24, 2008 in Sylacauga

David and Katie moved to Tuscaloosa with John David a week or so after we moved down, and we celebrated John David's first birthday on May 31.  Mid-June Ella and I went to Mobile to visit with my grandparents and attend the wedding of my college roommate, Lauren Colvin (now Zwitt).  I had the chance to take Ella to the beach at Dauphin Island.  She loved the water and was absolutely fearless about it.  If I let go of her hand for a moment she would make a mad dash for the ocean.  Needless to say I held on to her tightly.

Ella enjoyed helping unwrap John David's gifts.  

Loving the Waves

I told Ella we were going to the store, and these are the necessities she grabbed.
This was all her.  Notice the purse, the glasses, and the cell phone.  She also pulled
the cell phone out to talk as soon as we got in the car.  I'm such a bad example.

My family came for the 4th of July, and it was fun to host our first family gathering in our new home.  The Godwin's had told us they would be away from home and we could swim at their house if we wanted, so I had a fun afternoon doing that with my brothers, Sandy and soon-to-be sister-in-law, Nicole.  The next week Ella and I headed to Arab for the wedding of one of my best friends, Kristen Cothran Bond.  I got to introduce Ella to my other best friend, Kristen Dumas Sosebee, who had just returned from China.  We had a great visit with old friends celebrating Kristen's marriage.

I think this is Jesse's attempt at a dive.

Jumping over the Pole

With Kristen Dumas (at the time) and Kristen Cothran (about to be Bond)
at Pine Lake Pool in Arab

The beautiful bride and I
The rest of the summer was a very full one.  We were introduce to Olivia Klein, Ella attended her first movie in a theater, and Uncle Judson moved to town.  We enjoyed a lot of days playing in the water and going to the pool with Molly Rigoloso.

Ella's first date to the movies
23 months

Meeting Olivia

Water fun with Macy Osteen

Before we knew it Ella's 2nd birthday arrived, and we had a wonderful time celebrating with our families.  KJ and I got to go on a belated anniversary trip by ourselves at the end of October in the Smokey Mountains.  Ella mastered potty training that weekend.  In early November we experienced a loss when I suffered a miscarriage.  It was a sad time but also one where the Lord drew our hearts so close to His and each other that it really turned into a season of thankfulness for each other and Ella and gave us an opportunity to really think about and examine what we believed the Bible taught about life and eternity.  We became convinced and were so thankful to know that we had not lost out on knowing our child, but we have all of eternity to spend together, and that gave us cause for great rejoicing even amidst the sorrow.  Not everyone can grieve with such a hope in a great resurrection.

I had to share the ice cream cake I made.  My mom found the recipe for me.
So fun!

Our cabin at Tremont Hills

Walking through Cades Cove

On November 8, 2008 my brother, Josh, married Nicole Williams, and I got my first Murphy sister.  We were so excited to welcome her to our family and had a really great weekend celebrating their marriage.  At the end of November we welcomed David, Katie, and John David back to Tuscaloosa as the Lord unfolded a change of plans for their family.  We celebrated their return with a late Thanksgiving meal.  And of course Christmas was fun with new family members and the children.

My handsome father and brothers and Jeff Taylor

The Williams' and Murphy families

Ella in front of Open Door's Christmas tree
27 months

Pugh Family Christmas gathering

In January 2009 I found out I was expecting another baby (KJ's sister, Katie, found out she was expecting about 3 weeks before I did.)  We were very excited and felt like God would have a special plan for this child.  We celebrated Easter with KJ's family, and Jesse and his girlfriend, Sandy, graduated from the University of Alabama.  KJ and I celebrated anniversary number 5 in Birmingham.  We went with no suitcase, and KJ took me shopping and out to eat at P.F. Chang's.  We had a really fun time together.

Easter 2009

Jesse, Ella and Sandy Habrial on graduation weekend

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  1. Lynn ~ thank you, thank you, thank you for sharing your heart with us, as well as your fun pictures that mark such precious memories. Much appreciation for the time you have put into these posts. You are great ~ I'm so glad you are my big sister! I love you.