Thursday, May 6, 2010


This post is not exactly about LOST but a reflection on the memories I associate with watching LOST.  Memories truly are a wonderful gift from God, aren't they?  We don't just get to enjoy something one time but myriads of times over (as long as our memories last).  

A couple of nights ago I was washing dishes, and it really hit me that LOST truly will be over in a couple of weeks, and it made me sad.  I have said before and will say again that watching a really well-told story on television is like reading a really good book.  When I get to watch it on dvd, I don't want to stop watching, just as I will stay up until all hours of the night reading when the plot has thickened, and I must find out what happens next.  Watching LOST on television is a way that I will never read a book:  one chapter at a time, one night a week.  But it does drag out the enjoyment, and I would never be disciplined enough to read a book I loved that way.

We watched the first 3 seasons of LOST on dvd, finishing season 3 in December, so we were ready to go in January 2008.  So, my memories of LOST days...

KJ got the first disc from Netflix, and I wasn't really excited about it because I didn't want to get invested in another television show, but after one disc, I was totally hooked.  What was going on?  I must know the answers!  (I dearly love a mystery.)  Ella was 2, and when she would hear the ending credits music (da-da-da-dum-dum, da-da-da-dum-dum) she would move her feet around really fast on the rug and dance, followed by a look of surprise every time she heard, "Bad Robot!!"  Sweet little dancing girl.

We finished season one right before Thanksgiving, which we celebrated in Louisville that year with dear friends, Tim & Dusti Brister.  In the relaxing period after our enormous lunch, I discovered they owned season 2, so we sent the boys out for a sale paper and season 2.  KJ and I watched it by the lights of the Christmas tree.  So romantic.  KJ had to work late the night before we were going home for Christmas, and I was supposed to be packing, but I had to keep watching without him once Michael did you know what to you know who (I won't say in case there are those who haven't had the pleasure of watching yet).  It was a late night.  

Season 3 quickly followed season 2, (What? They got off the island?") and then I had my calendar marked for January 31, 2008.  KJ worked on Thursday nights from 7 pm to 7 am the next morning, but he was able to watch it at work.  I would put Ella to bed, and watch the enhanced episode, then KJ and I would call each other during the commercials of the newest episode.  "Who are the Oceanic 6?"  "Can you believe that??"   "Oh, my goodness!" "Are you crying?" (post The Constant-- oh, Desmond and Penny)  Such fun and sweet memories with my loved one.

The finale of season 4 was watched in Tuscaloosa at Hillary's apartment after we moved in May.  It was one of our first weekends in town and in our new home.  We found out who was in the coffin.  Oh, my!

Then came the agonizing wait for season 5.  Hillary came over every Wednesday after college Bible Study.  Thank goodness for DVR!  But then horrors!  The DVR broke mid-season, and so we had to watch one episode in real time.  Ella was placed in the bath tub right before the show started and played and was bathed during commercials.  She knew it was important she be quiet, and I remember her waiting until a commercial to whisper, "Can I have some 
drink?"  Perceptive little 2 1/2-year-old.

We had an oh-so-fun finale party last May, meeting Jacob for the first time, and now hear we are.  At the end.  Our 6th anniversary is May 22nd, so we are looking forward to celebrating with the 6th season finale of LOST and making more LOST memories together.  

Island Food:  Dharma bars and bottled water, pineapple, 
and "boar in a blanket"

Welcome to our Party (artwork by Hillary Winter)


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  1. What a fun post!!

  2. It has been fun. I think we are hardwired to like stories that reveal an intricate plan in the end. If the LOST writers are so clever to weave together six seasons and keep it surprising, then O the depths both of the wisdom and knowledge of God; how unsearchable and unfathomable are His ways! God has a lot more than six seasons to weave together to a satisfactory ending.