Thursday, May 20, 2010

4 Years

Looking at pictures has really helped me to remember a lot of the smaller events of our years together, and for some reason there is a gap between the spring and summer of 2007.  I guess we led a pretty quiet life with KJ working so much.  I always made a point to leave the house every other day with Ella for a change of scenery.  We lived really close to two huge shopping centers so it was easy to find fun things to do, and I was really thankful for our car.  We only had rabbit ears at this time, so TV was limited, but we signed up for NetFlix and discovered the joy of television shows on dvd.  I would eagerly walk to our mail box for our next installment, much as those in the past would await the arrival of the newspaper with the latest installment of a Dickens story.  After allowing Ella to cry herself to sleep in the middle of the night she finally began sleeping through the night and taking good naps.  I re-read Christy during this time and enjoyed watching the series again via NetFlix.  After months of Ella only taking 30 minute naps it was bliss to kick back in the recliner and lose myself in a story while playing Scrabble on the computer (thank you Kameron!).

KJ was scheduled to officiate at his first wedding the day before Ella turned one, so we were able to go home for her first birthday, and that was a lot of fun.
Kameron, KJ, Ella, and Stephen Webb at his wedding

After Stephen and Rachel's wedding we were able to celebrate Ella's first birthday in Tuscaloosa and Arab.  Ella was very wary of new foods at that time, but she was such a happy girl.  She gave great reactions while opening her presents and cards.

She wasn't sure about the cake, but she loved the yogurt and cool whip Mama T was feeding her.

While in Tuscaloosa we had to make a late-night trip to the emergency room with Jesse.
I know it was painful, but I couldn't stop laughing at his poor, swollen face.  It turned out to be pink eye.

We first met Nicole at Ella's birthday party.

KJ and Ella outside Cedar Lake with Linda
She was one of the sweetest ladies who always asked about Ella and I.

Ella continued to be such a joy as she grew.  She enjoyed Baby Einstein dvd's, and it was so fun getting to see that she really was picking up on the sign language.  One day we drove up to the library, and I announced, "We're at the library!"  I looked back, and she was sitting in her car seat making the sign for library.  I thought she was the smartest girl.  She learned to walk at the end of October, and that was an exciting transition. She just started doing it one day with no practice or toddling whatsoever.  About a week later she was running (and she is still running to this day).  

A Day at the Park

Learning to Exercise

Learning about Technology
(She is pressing the correct button.)

Aren't you amazed at how smart 1-year-old's are?  She picked up my purse and dragged it to the door.
Learning to always take your purse.

Learning to Cook

Fourth Day of walking at "Uncle" Breck's house

Because of KJ's jobs we were unable to go home for Thanksgiving, so we made plans with Tim and Dusti to celebrate Thanksgiving in Louisville.  Dusti and I outdid ourselves as we made all our family favorites, and it was way too much for four people to enjoy.  Christmas was fun that year because Ella was old enough to participate in all the festivities.  She was not old enough, however, to remember or understand about presents.  I was able to do the shopping for her with her in the buggy at Target.  In fact, she played with one present while I shopped, and then I took it home and wrapped it.

Thanksgiving Spread
Helping Daddy put up the tree (This is still her job.)

Christmas 2007
(taken in the foyer at Covington Baptist Church)

Too Cute

Story Time at Crickhollow

A Snow Adventure

After Christmas we experienced a few snow storms.  We had one blizzard when KJ's parents came up for a visit.  We were also preparing for KJ's graduation in May and made the decision to come to Open Door Baptist Church in Tuscaloosa where KJ's parents had been serving for the past two years.  I came down to look for a house, and KJ ended up buying our home sight-unseen.  He said it showed his great trust in me.  My worst fears were confirmed in March when I found out my hurting knee was indeed a torn meniscus again and I would have to have surgery.  That was not a pleasant thought at all because I was home alone with an 18-month old all day, and I would be on crutches.  I also needed to begin packing for our move to Alabama.  Sweet Katie and David allowed Ella and I to stay at their house for a few days after my surgery and take care of us.  After that both my mom and KJ's mom came up for a few days, and I became proficient in holding on to my crutches with my underarms and carrying Ella's plate of food in my hands. I did the grocery shopping with KJ riding the little cart around Wal-Mart; Ella really loved that.

In Ella's world, she began watching The Little Mermaid over and over and over.  She also grew to love musicals.  Her favorites were Funnyface and On Moonlight Bay, as well as Muppets Take Manhattan.  Who knows how many times we watched them that spring.  Before we knew it graduation arrived, and KJ received his Advanced Master's of Divinity on the coldest May day ever.  That afternoon we loaded our moving van with the help of Mike Johnson and Michael and Aaron McKnight.  Our van was so crammed packed, and we were up late trying to fit the rest in our two cars.  The next morning we said good-bye to Louisville and made the long drive to Tuscaloosa.  One week later we celebrated anniversary number four.

Saying "good-bye" to neighbors and Louisville


  1. Another great recap! Enjoyed all the pictures. I am glad you a digging through them for these posts.


  2. Thank you for doing this, Lynn! I'm loving it!