Saturday, December 27, 2014

Our First Christmas in Boroughbridge

If you're like me, you usually have to stop and think for a minute to remember what you did yesterday, let alone two days ago.  Even on such a special day as Christmas, each day seems filled with so many little responsibilities and thoughts and emotions that it is hard for my mind to hold on to them all.  Does this mean I am growing older? 

But with a little effort I can remember our Christmas day.  It started out with sleeping in, which I'm sure has never happened before in the history of Christmas.  It's really nearly 8:30 before the sun is up good and bright, and it has helped both me and the kids to sleep a little later on occasion.  Ella was up reading a new book left at the end of her bed in the night (a tradition passed down from KJ's family).  James had his stocking hanging on her fireplace, so in an amazing show of her attention to rule-keeping, she refrained from looking in her stocking until James got up (They had this planned the night before.). 

After KJ accidentally filled the living room with smoke starting the morning fire, the kids came down and tore into presents.
After present-opening, it was a pretty low-key day; I didn't even pick my camera up again.  We had a late breakfast, the kids ran around playing with new toys and reading new books.  We talked with family via Facetime (Oh, wonderful and free invention!).  The kids put together new LEGO, and KJ got our television hooked up, enabling us to watch the Queen's Christmas speech as well as the Christmas episode of Dr. Who in its natural environment, which was fun. 

It was quiet and peaceful.  And as James explained, "God gave us the best present, Jesus, so Santa Claus gives us presents, too."  We taught him one of those things.

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