Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Let It Go (and a short introduction to new friends)

Now, what the grandparents have all been waiting for...

My heart was so incredibly thankful for Ella to be able to take part in this workshop one Sunday afternoon.  She has always loved dancing (even from the womb she had quite a few dance parties whenever loud music was playing), and I was so happy for her to have a chance to do something fun with Elsa and to meet some other girls.

Now I'm going to make some introductions so I don't have to say, "This is Elsa, the current pastor's daughter" every time.  But that is Elsa with Ella, and she is the current pastor of Grace Church's daughter, whose name is Del, and now you are all introduced.  Maybe I should also add how much we really love them and how thankful we are for their entire crew and for these months we get to know and learn from them.  Elsa has already been such a good friend to Ella.

In the audience with James are Elsa's brothers, Jethro, Owen, and Zachary. 

The workshop was Frozen-themed, and so of course they learned a dance to Let it Go, which was so fun for the girls.

They performed the number twice, so I did the second performance in black and white since I couldn't decide earlier which I liked more.
Daddies watching - And now the only other member of the de la Hoyde family who needs an introduction is Laura.

They are such lovely dancers.

Elsa was singing along as she danced, and it was so sweet.
Ella enjoyed herself so much she said she wanted to continue taking lessons, so she's been to two, and it's been such a nice thing for her.  She loves it.  

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