Tuesday, December 2, 2014

A Sunday Walk

I was tempted to write a mini-update here this morning, but I knew we really needed to get out a newsletter for November so I started work on that instead.  With KJ's additions and help that will hopefully go out today-ish.

Meanwhile, I took the time to transfer pictures from the camera to the computer last night.  The words from the Andrew Peterson song Nothing to Say keep running through my head when I think about the beauty all around Boroughbridge:  "So much glory and so little time."

I try to take the time when I can.  These pictures were just taken walking back through town to our house from Sunday lunch with our church.

The colors and leaves are fading and falling fast.  With the shorter days, 2 o'clock in the afternoon looks more like 4:00 as far as the position of the sun.

This is the River Ure that runs...through Boroughbridge?  Maybe it's more like a boundary?  I'm not quite sure as names of places change even as they run seamlessly together.

KJ bought me a new lens with macro capabilities before we moved so now I can take pictures of water droplets, which for some reason gives me pleasure.

This is our new street.  We're just about a minute's walk from the heart of the town, which is a fabulous location we're really thankful for.

On this particular Sunday afternoon, after walking back home we got in the car to drive to a village a few miles down the road where Ella participated in a ballet workshop.  Pictures from that to come, but the drive was so glorious I made KJ stop the car.  Actually, I didn't have to make him, he volunteered because he knows me pretty well.

I love the golden light, but I also like this one in black and white.

It just occurred to me that I was in danger of overusing the word glorious again.  Thesaurus.com offers me some other suggestions:  dazzling, marvelous, sublime.  You can pick one.

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