Friday, January 2, 2015

New Year Thoughts and a Look Back at the Old One

There have been so many things to process in 2014 that I thought it would be difficult to write a full review; however, I can share pictures.  And when I found some templates for sharing moments from each month it turned into a bigger project that I first intended.

There were a lot of firsts in 2014.  The first day of 2015 brought with it a sense of promise for the future, the bright promise of new things and fresh grace for all the new things God brings our way in the coming year.  As I cleaned up the remains of our New Year's Eve party, I thought about what Anne Shirley said:  "I've always liked washing dishes.  It's fun to make dirty things clean and shining again." And even though I've done my share of putting off doing dishes, there is something so satisfying about bringing order into the disorderliness of my home, of creating fresh spaces we can enjoy.
A new year calls for fresh attention to discipline.  I opened God's Word to the beginning and heard with fresh ears the familiar words, "In the beginning, God created...".  In the beginning, out of the darkness and the nothing, God created.  He spoke into existence all that is good:  birds, sky, sun, moon, sea, and myriads of living creatures, and us.  He made us in His image, and like Him, I want to create good and beautiful things in this new year with what He's given me and in the place He's put me.

Here's to a new year trusting Him to complete the work He's begun in us.


  1. Your words are so beautiful, dear sister. Truly. (And I enjoyed those words of Anne, too. :)) Thank you for taking time to allow us to look back over your family's past year - what special moments, and I praise the Lord that we were able to be a part of so many of them.
    And I'm really happy you got to enjoy some yummy peppermint bark :)

    1. You're always so kind and encouraging. I love when you get some internet moments. :) I'm so glad we got to share so many together, too. Truly He is kind and gracious. (And that peppermint bark recipe I found was TO DIE FOR. At least in my opinion. :) )