Friday, January 17, 2014

Franco Fridays: Tourists

After our time in St. Denis, we dropped Amy and Chris off at the station to make their way to Italy.  The team just wasn't the same without them that day!

Since it was the last day, Parker took us back into Paris so we could do some souvenir shopping.  We also went to the top of one of the stores for one last look over the city.

As we were walking toward the shops we passed this building, which I recognized from that scene in Charade.  Any old movie fans anyone?  Carey Grant on the roof of the American Express building fighting the man with the hook for a hand?

I can't help but feel Evan's camera is pointed in the wrong direction.

It began with Sam and I taking a picture of Seth taking his picture and then escalated into something that makes me laugh a lot.

We also got a lovely last look at Sacre Coeur

We were so happy to have Sam and Ashlea with us for the day.  Our next stop was a famous Paris institution that deserves a post of its own:  Angelina's.

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